At R&S, our top priority is providing quality, consistent sharpening, alteration and coating services at a fair price. We work hard to bring you the value you deserve, each and every time we work together.

With each interaction, you can expect fast turnaround and exceptional cost savings. We’ll sweat the small stuff so you don’t have to. Give us your specifications and we’ll give you a great experience – we guarantee it.

Fast turnaround

You don’t have time to slow down, so we provide the quick, attentive regrind service you need to keep your business running. We’ve invested in powerful 3D simulators for fast, quality set-up times and streamlined processing. The end result? Parts done to your unique specifications, on time and on budget.

Cost Savings

Every business owner wants to save money without sacrificing quality. By using the latest in high-tech regrind tools, we’re able to reduce total tooling costs, while still providing you with exceptional products and service.

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